Allen Bradley PLC Point I/O 1734 1734-VHSC24

Manufacturer Industrial Automation
Brand Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 1734-VHSC24
Series POINT I/O
Counter 1
Module Type Very High Speed Counter Module
Compare Windows 4
Input Voltage 24 Volts DC
No. of Inputs 1 – 1 group of A/Aret, B/Bret and Z/Zret
Output Groups 1 of 2
Input Filter selections Off; 10 ?s; 100 ?s; 1.0 ms; 10.0 ms
Maximum input frequency 1.0 MHz counter and encoder X1 configurations 500 kHz encoder X2 configuration (no filter) 250 kHz encoder X4 configuration (no filter)
No. of Outputs 1 isolated group of 2 capable of 0.5 A @ 24V DC
Output control Outputs can be tied to any of 4 compare windows
UPC 10612598269195
Output Voltage Range 10…28.8V DC
Key Switch Position 2
Power Dissipation 1.9 Watts
Thermal Dissipation 6.5 BTU/hour
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