Manufacturer Industrial Automation
Brand Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 1771-OBN
Module Type Digital DC Output Module
Number of Outputs 32 (4 sets of 8)
Voltage Category 10-60 Volts DC, Source
DC Operating Voltage 10-30 Volts
Backplane Current 330 Miliamperes
Max Continuous Current Per Output 0.5 Amperes (2 A/set)
Max Continuous Current Per Module 8 Amperes
Wiring Arm 1771-WN
Coating Conformal Coat
Data Format BDC or Natural Binary
Typical AC Signal Delay (Off) 45 (+/- 15) ms
Typical DC Signal Delay (Off) 50 ms
Wiring Arm 1771-WH
Mounting Rack Mountable
UPC 10662468171455
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