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You depend on your GE FANUC equipment to perform daily, and we have the GE FANUC parts to ensure that happens. Durability and reliability are essential when it comes to FANUC GE parts. Our wide selection of GE FANUC parts and products includes just what you need to keep your operation running. We make it a one-stop shop with products from all the essential manufacturers, including AEG parts and Beckhoff parts. Excessive downtime is a productivity killer, but we offer the fastest turnaround times in the business, ensuring your lines are back in operation quickly. With GE FANUC parts, you get the very best in quality and service.

Have questions about GE FANUC parts and products? Contact us today for the information you need.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the go-to supplier for numerous automation components. We have the answers to your most challenging applications. Read the following questions below, and be sure to contact us if you'd like to know more.

Free two-day shipping is available for all products under 20 pounds shipped within the continental U.S.

Requesting a quote is as simple as clicking the Request Quote button on any product page. You can also email us at or call +1-877-PARTS-57 (727-8757).

You can order parts by emailing or calling us.

We accept wire transfers and all major credit cards. Please get in touch with us for further information if you'd like to establish terms.

If an order for a stock item is placed before 4 p.m. (Eastern), we'll ship that order the same day. We also offer overnight shipping and can provide international shipping.

UPS and FedEx are our preferred shippers, although we can also ship via DHL, TNT, or your preferred courier.

We can bill using your shipping account or add the shipping cost to your invoice. And remember, we offer free two-day shipping for orders under 20 pounds shipped within the continental U.S.

Yes, we can coordinate with express courier services to arrange same-day shipment options in emergencies.

All our products come with two-year complete coverage warranties.

FANUC GE Parts for Any Application

Industrial Automation Co. offers the FANUC GE parts you need when you need them. You can keep your operation humming and stay ahead of the competition with our products. Customers worldwide rely on our components, and you can, too. Our automation parts keep industry-leading production lines moving. You can order a wide range of GE FANUC parts and products, including:

  • Field terminals
  • Carriers
  • Power supplies
  • Datapanels
  • Input modules
  • Output modules
  • Communications modules
  • Positioning modules
  • Programmable controller cards
  • I/O modules
  • PLCs

Quality Parts Backed by Industrial Automation Co.

Industrial Automation Co. has a well-earned reputation as an industry leader. You can find what you need in our extensive product selection. We back everything we sell with unparalleled customer service in the industry. You can rely on us as your industrial automation partner. If you want high-quality parts delivered quickly and efficiently, you want Industrial Automation Co. Browse now for the necessary components.

Your Choice of FANUC GE Parts

Industrial Automation Co. offers three kinds of FANUC GE parts to meet your requirements. All are eligible for our two-year warranty. Your choices include:

New Surplus Sealed Parts

These parts are new in their original sealed packaging, and there may be some discoloration or shelf wear.

New Surplus Open-Box Products

New surplus open-box products arrive in the original packaging unsealed. Accessories and documentation may not accompany these parts.

Refurbished Components

Our professional staff refurbishes components and restores them to working condition. These products may not have the original packaging; accessories and documentation are not guaranteed.

fanuc ge parts

Beyond GE FANUC Parts

We have more than just GE FANUC parts and offer a full array of the automation components manufacturers need most. Backed by our unparalleled customer service and fast turnaround times, our extensive selection delivers everything you want, including Allen-Bradley catalog parts. You can rely on us for industry-leading sales and service.

With a vast inventory of components and a team of well-versed experts in their usage and maintenance, we are a trusted source for companies seeking to optimize their automation processes. Industry leaders purchase our industrial automation products because of their high quality, reliability, and compatibility with various automation systems. Start shopping for the parts that will make a difference in your operation.

The GE FANUC Story

The GE Fanuc Automation Corporation joint venture had a short but fabled history. Founded in 1986, the collaboration established three operating companies: GE FANUC Automation North America, Inc. in the U.S., GE FANUC Automation Europe S.A. in Luxembourg, and FANUC GE Automation Asia Ltd. in Japan. The joint venture quickly became known for its innovation and product excellence. It served a wide range of industries, including:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Government and defense
  • Telecommunications

Besides automation products, the collaboration specialized in hardware and software solutions, embedded computing systems, and CNC products. The joint venture dissolved in 2009, but its components retain their high quality and reliability reputation.

Purchase GE FANUC Parts and Products From Industrial Automation Co.

Industrial Automation Co. offers an unprecedented depth and breadth of GE FANUC parts and products. You can rely on our automation components to deliver the reliability and quality GE FANUC is known for. Shop now and get the products you need to keep your operation running.

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