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For replacement Reliance Electric parts, check out the products page at Industrial Automation Co. We keep a full lineup of Reliance Electric parts and products so you can always find the right part for the job. Find everything from AC adapters and control boards to servo motors and drivers when you buy your Reliance Electric products from us. We offer two-day shipping within the continental United States. Your replacement Reliance Electric parts are just a few clicks away. To make it a one stop shop be sure to browse our Schneider Electric products, Fagor replacement parts, and more to get your machine back up and running. Get your Reliance Electric parts and products online now at Industrial Automation Co.


Reliance Electric Products Continue a Century of Tradition

Founded in 1911, Reliance Electric was one of the original producers of electrical motors, generators, and control systems. As one of the leading manufacturers of industrial electric equipment, their products gained a reputation for reliability and quality. Since the 1980s, Reliance Electric has focused on producing industrial automation components such as servo motors, drives, amplifiers, and controllers.

Today, the Reliance Electric brand remains an industry standard for quality and efficiency. Hundreds of companies use their parts to help automate their workflows, and Reliance Electric continues to be a trusted provider of quality industrial automation products

Frequently Asked Questions

Industrial Automation Co.'s mission is to provide superior product selection and customer service. Learn more about our inventory of Reliance Electric parts with some of our frequently asked questions.

All orders for Reliance Electric parts under 20 lbs. are eligible for free two-day shipping within the continental United States. For other options, including expedited shipping, call us today and speak with a representative to see how we can help you get the parts you need.

We offer a two-year limited warranty on our industrial automation parts. Spare parts are guaranteed to be in good working order and free from defects for 24 months from the date of purchase. A refund will be issued if the part cannot be replaced or repaired. See our warranty page for full details.

Industrial Automation Co. has one of the most complete collections of industrial replacement parts available today. We carry everything from ABB products to OKUMA parts. Check out our brands page for more information.

Order Your Reliance Electric Parts Today

Industrial Automation Co. is dedicated to providing your business with the best industrial replacement parts. We understand that automation is critical to the success of your manufacturing capabilities. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to assist you with your industrial automation components. Take the first step to a better customer service experience and order Reliance Electric parts and products today.

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